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3 questions to … Livio Manissero, Sales Manager Electronics, Prima Electro

Livio Manissero, Sales Manager Electronics, Prima Electro
Livio Manissero, Sales Manager Electronics, Prima Electro

1. What are the current trends in the rail sector?

Rail sector is growing and sustainable mobility is a key theme to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency for consumers. In next years strong investments are expected to improve public transport and several emissions-reductions projects are already under development.

2. What do you think the future of mobility will look like and what technologies will be needed for it?

No doubt, the future of mobility passes through the complete electrification of trains and the use of innovative hydrogen-based technologies. More and more electrical/electronic modules will be installed on board, such like inverters, converters or motor drive controls, having much higher powers than the current ones. Companies in electronics market are now facing more and more technological and design challenges, leading to the transition to electrification for all types of vehicles that have traditionally been powered by fossil fuel.

3. Where do you see the opportunities and risks in future-oriented rail transport?

Such as Prima Electro, companies having a business model focused on design and supply of custom embedded electronics, can take lots of opportunities in the railway market. The request for custom projects, tailored on product specifications perfectly suits the requests of the energy transition.

At the same time, there are threats that cannot be ignored. First, is the risk that tenders are awarded to the usual suppliers in the market. Secondly, the energy transition through a sustainable mobility has high costs and investments should be supported by European Union and institutions for at least 10 years.

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