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MES Expo, complemented by the online format #MES Insights, is the high-quality marketing platform for new contacts, image management and business potential in the international electronics supplier sector. This trade fair has set itself the task of taking a holistic view of the requirements of modern mobility. It is the only platform to date that combines the rail and road modes of transport and focuses exclusively on their electronics suppliers. They form the foundation of this pure B2B trade fair platform for finding cross-sector solutions to challenging and future mobility issues.

In view of the uncertainties surrounding the Corona pandemic, the Mobility Electronics Suppliers Expo will be launched in 2021 with a purely digital offering: #MES Insights. This will offer the electronics supplier industry in the mobility sector a digital platform for professional exchange and networking, as well as planning security. MES Expo will then be held live again in 2023 as a hybrid event- MES Expo in combination with #MES Insights.

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Automotive Technology


Commercial Vehicle Technology


Railway Technology


Written interview with Mr. Ben Möbius, VDB-CEO

In my opinion there are two old habits that we must cut off and the MES Expo can help. First, climate-friendly mobility is about abdication. Today the opposite is real: digitization and automation mean more - more rail 4.0, more travel experiences, more efficiency, more climate protection. Second old habit, there is a natural compensation of transport modes / mobility transport. The future is mobility-on-demand: seamless, intermodal, digital. Therefore the transport modes / mobility transport must work together across the board and see each other as partners. That is precisely why we are pleased that important megatrends have a platform in the MES Expo.

Electronic suppliers are an industrial requirement for many innovations such as autonomous driving, electromobility, intermodal integration or real-time information. Sensor technology, cybersecurity and information technology sound like Silicon Valley, but they are still an inherent part of the railway industry. Digital rail 4.0 will be completely networked by the Internet of Things, ETCS or intelligent passenger guidance. Today electronic suppliers are shapers of mobility.

For me, MES Expo reflects a fresh spirit: In my future view for mobility, we work in free competition, but also across industries without blinkers. For me personally it was a very special honor to be able to help cutting the impressive opening ribbon at the premiere. The photo is actually in my office.

Of course, InnoTrans is the world's leading trade fair for future mobility. This is a global exception which is really fascinating. At the same time there are also cross-sectional topics which deserve a closer look. MES Expo, together with Mobility Electronic Suppliers, represents a future-relevant market segment that does not yet have a platform of this kind, especially in this intermodal constellation. Therefore exhibitors and visitors at MES Expo gain a 360-degree insight into new products or technologies and get uin touch with new potential partners in an informal and concentrated manner.

Written interview with Dr. Heike van Hoorn, DVF-CEO

As a trade fair for the electronics supply industry, MES Expo has a unique selling point and this is an important asset in terms of professional exchange. Electronics are already an integral part of our mobility system. However, electronics in the transport sector is becoming increasingly important, for example with a view to autonomous driving, which will be the next big stage in the development of mobility in the future. Traffic guidance, predictive maintenance of vehicle components or infrastructure, communication between means of transport and with the infrastructure, energy recovery during braking processes are further examples of how electronics help to make traffic run more smoothly and thus more climate-friendly. We will need new technology and electronics to transform our sector toward climate neutrality. These can be used to network modes of transport even better, enable optimal route planning and capacity utilization, or increase reliability.

The importance of electronics in transportation is already enormous. Our members include numerous suppliers who provide indispensable components: electric drive axles, digital couplings, signaling and control technology, image analysis for toll collection procedures, payment and billing systems, door security systems or turn-off assistants. The list goes on and on. Mobility needs digital components to be networked and thus easier to use, predictive and sustainable. What happens if the electronic components don't arrive can be seen in the current semiconductor shortages: Manufacturers have to shut down or stop production altogether.

Expo 2019 was still a young trade show with a family touch. This allowed for very intense conversations with the companies at the booth. It also held some surprises, such as how cross-modal many companies that were assigned to a specific sector are now on the road. That was also an important insight for me: The greater the importance of electronics in the respective means of transport becomes, the greater the breaking down of barriers between the modes. I wish MES Expo that it grows, but at the same time continues to enable intensive exchange.


· AFIA has been bringing suppliers in the Portuguese automotive industry together since 1966

· Representing the interest of this sector

· Spreading information about the sector and the market · Organizes meetings for suppliers to exchange information and strengthen relations

· Promotes competitiveness, exports and internationalization of all associated companies

· Encourages actions of potential buyers to develop Portuguese suppliers

· Supports the establishment of foreign investors in Portugal

· Financed, for the most part, by privately funds (Membership fees)


· 0,9% of manufacturing industry companies | N.º Companies 360 · 8,8% of manufacturing industry employment | Direct Employment 61.000

· 5,6% of GDP | Turnover 10,4 billion EUR

· 16,1% of Exports of tradeable goods | Exports 8,6 billion EUR

The Portuguese auto components industry is linked with the European market. So during the first lockdown between March and June 2020 the activity of the Portuguese auto components companies have suffered an huge impact, with lost about 50% of the turnover (2nd quarter 2020 vs 2nd quarter 2019). But during the second half of the year there was a recovery of the activity, so in the overall of 2020 the turnover “only” fell 12,6% (to 10.4 billion EUR) which compares of a decrease of 23,5% of the automotive production in the European Union.

The Electric / Electronic sector represents about 10% of the companies, 25% of the employees and 31% of the turnover. The Electric / Electronic sector in Portugal is lead manly by foreign multinational companies.

In the automotive sector, almost all fairs were cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. AFIA did not participate in any fairs in 2020, in a "normal" year we exhibit in 5 fairs. It is clear that traditional fairs have to reinvent themselves and find innovative ways to safely host their events, but I think digital fairs will not replace physical events, but will be complementary.

The typical trade fair in the auto components industry is the business-to-business model, so these shows offer an opportunity to network with other exhibitors and potential partners, and physically showcase products.

I think that MES Expo can answer the fundamental question “What will the future of mobility look like from the perspective of the European supplier community?” People and goods need to move from A to B in a safe, clean and affordable manner. People’s habits will change, but even 10, 20, 30 or more years from now personal mobility will be one of the foundations of well-functioning societies and vibrant economies.

AFIA promoted the 2019 edition of the MES Expo among our members. AFIA has a good relationship with AHK Portugal and naturally we will also disseminate the 2021 edition. For the future, AFIA is available to organise with co-operation of AHK Portugal a entrepreneurs delegation to visit the MES Expo or even to be an exhibitor.

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ZVEI - Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.
VDB Verband der Deutschen Bahnindustrie e.V.
VDB Verband der Deutschen Bahnindustrie e.V.
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